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Yatn - By Laws

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By Laws


1. Name of the Society Name of the society shall be “YATNA SOCIETY”
2. Location Registered office of the Society shall be situated at
Kranthi Dhamam
Rahamath Nagar, Yousufguda
Hyderabad – 500 045
Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • The objectives for which the society “YATNA Society” is established, which are not for the purpose of profit but for the purpose of well being of all sections of community and advancement of any philanthropy for the development of education, environment, health,livelihoods or any objects for the benefit of poor and general public,are
    • To design, establish, host and maintain a connecting media like Website as a Gateway of Information with the sole object of bringing together on a common platform those vast population in India who need help on one hand and those who wish to provide help to the needy,on the other.
    • To serve as a catalyst for transforming the innate service urge of a human being into philanthropic action for the benefit of the mankind.
    • To undertake programmes of rural upliftment and development by bringing in awareness of Education,Health and Nutrition among children and their parents, providing guidance on the effective use of local resources.
    • To establish,maintain,and/or grant aid in cash and/or kind to society, hospitals, institutions,child welfare centres,hostels,orphanages,old age homes and/or such benefit and use of the public in general.
    • To establish, support,acquire,run and/or grant aid and other financial assistance to schools, colleges, libraries reading rooms,hostels, boarding houses,laboratories and other institutions of like nature for use of the students and teachers and also generally for the development and/or advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.
    • To establish, maintain and/or run studentships, scholarships, fellowships and render other kind of aid to individuals including supply of medicines, books, stipends, awards/ medals and other incentives to promote excellence in pursuit of education, without any distinction of caste, color or creed.
    • To grant aid, to promote, establish, support and/or maintain institution for the promotion of Science,Literature,Music,Drama and Fine Arts and also promote spirit of conservation of heritage and culture and protect old monuments and promote research/ documentation and collection of artifacts and data and help build archives as well collaborate/ support other institution having similar objects for the benefit of the public in general.
    • To establish, maintain and/or grant aid and other financial assistance for the establishment and maintenance of infrastructural facilities to the public like laying of roads,drinking water facilities,electrification,energy etc.
    • To participate in rural development through projects like construction of Tanks, Bunds, water works, canals, Hospitals/P.H,C.s, Rural Sanitation, Schools, Community Halls and any other infrastructure projects.
    • To establish and / or grant aid for the establishment and maintenance of parks and gardens, gymnastics and sports institutes,choultry / dharamshalas, tube wells and water works for supply of drinking water and for the construction of and/or repairs to wells for the use of public in general.
    • To establish, maintain and grant aid to homes,orphanages or other establishments for relief and help to the needy, the poor and destitute people, orphans and widows.(this is repeated, you can delete this)
    • To provide help to the destitute,the physically challenged and the poor without any distinction of caste, colour or creed:
    • To grant relief during natural calamities, such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire pestilence and other natural or man made calamities and to give donations subscriptions or contributions to institutions,establishments or persons during such relief work.
    • To render assistance and/or grant aid to other public charitable trusts or institutions.
    • To guide and assist the needy and educated unemployed by providing loans to them for establishment of cottage and other industries or providing any gainful employment and livelihood security to them.
    • To organize lectures and disseminate knowledge on various topics of social and economic concern like safeguards for democracy, the rights & duties of a citizen under the Indian Law,national integration,Indian Heritage and culture etc
    • To provide legal assistance to the poor and needy free of cost for protecting the fundamental rights granted to the citizens of India under the Constitution or for enforcing their rights in case of any violation and in similar circumstances where the vulnerable sections need legal protection.
    • To conduct surveys,studies and on social issues and problems and to find remedies and review policies and critique for improvements in public policy.
    • To bring environmental awareness and help in the projects of plantation, afforestation, waste management,water conservation, wasteland reclamation, and recycling etc.

1. Name of the Society Name of the society shall be “YATNA SOCIETY”
2. Location Registered office of the Society shall be situated at
Kranthi Dhamam
Rahamath Nagar, Yousufguda
Hyderabad – 500 045
AndhraPradesh, India.
3. Membership Those who are interested in the aims of
the Society and are enrolled as members are members of the Society.
Membership of YATNA Society shall be open to all adult citizens of India without any distinction. The Executive Committee may admit a person after his submitting the application for Membership in the prescribed form. The executive Committee has the right to reject any application, or expel any member if in its considered view that admission / membership of such a person is likely to affect the purpose, aims and objectives of the Association.
Categories of Members:
    • Life Member - Anyone who has been admitted by the Executive Committee and who pays a one time subscription of Rs. 1,000/- (Rupees one Thousand only) shall become a Life Member.
    • Organizational Member - Any Society or Corporation or Social Service Organization supporting the Aims and Objective of YATNA Society may, after admission by the Executive Committee and paying a one time subscription of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) shall be admitted as an organizational / Institutional Member. Such Institutional Members will have a right to nominate two persons as members.
    • Honorary Member - The Executive Committee may invite and Co-opt any person of great scholarship and record of Public Service to become an Honorary Member.
    • Student Member - To encourage youth and to attract them to contribute to the society, it is proposed to induct Student Members without fee in the manner deemed fit by Executive Committee of YATNA Society.

    Admission fee and the Annual Subscription or Monthly Subscription: As mentioned above.
4.1 Annual General Body will meet once in a year i.e., latest by 31st August.
  • To pass the budget for the ensuing year and approve audited statement of account of previous year.
  • To approve the report of the activities of the Society, to review the activities, concepts, strategies and offer suggestions to effectivise the functioning of the society.
4.3 To elect the executive committee etc.,
4.4 To appoint Auditors for ensuing year.
Executive Committee is the governing body of the Society. Executive committee elected in the General Body shall hold the office for a term of two years at a time and shall end always with the conclusion of the Annual General Body Meeting. If by any reason of resignation or removal or otherwise, any office becomes vacant during any term, such members as may be selected / co-opted by a majority of the Executive Committee shall have full powers to act notwithstanding any vacancy that may not have been filled.
5.1 Day to day management of YATNA Society shall vest in an Executive Committee elected in the General Body Meeting.
  • The executive committee shall consist of not les than seven members and not more than nine members including the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer.
  • No office bearer shall carry any reward or remuneration as such, provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent reimbursement of expenses incurred in the discharge of the duties, defray costs and payments for services actually rendered by any of the office bearers, other than those in the execution of their office.
  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Committee
    • To collect / mobilize funds for the furtherance of the objective of YATNA Society.
    • To apply the funds and the assets for such purposes as it may consider conducive to the fulfillment of the objectives of YATNA Society.
    • To invest funds in such a way that such investments benefit YATNA Society.
    • To appoint, remove, suspend, reward or fine its employees; everyone who is on the pay roll of the Association is deemed to be an employee of the Association.
    • To frame byelaws for the due and proper conduct of any business of YATNA Society.
    • Generally to do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of YATNA Society.
5.2 The members of the Executive Committee (Governing Body) shall be duty bound to attest the signatures of all the members of newly elected Executive Committee and to see all the signatures of the outgoing Government Body tally with the annual list as filed with the Registrar of Societies before 15 days succeeding month in which elections were held.
  • CHAIRPERSON: Chairperson presides over all the meetings of both general body and executive committee. Chairperson can cast his / her vote in the position. Chairperson can supervise all branches of the Society.
  • VICE CHAIRMAN: Vice Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in discharging his / her functions. In the absence of the Chairperson, he / she will perform the duty of the Chairperson as entrusted by him / her.
  • SECRETARY: Secretary is the Chief Executive of the Society & custodian of all records and assets relating to the Society and corresponds on behalf of the Society. Secretary has to record minutes of all meetings of Society and convenes meetings of both bodies of the Society with the permission of the President. He / she guides the Treasurer in preparing the budget and expenditure statement to put before the general body for its approval.
  • JOINT SECRETARY: Joint Secretary has to do the work under the guidance of the Secretary as entrusted by the executive committee. He / she has to assist the Secretary in discharging his / her duties. In the absence of the Secretary, he / she can perform the duties of the Secretary.
  • TREASURER: Treasurer is responsible for all the financial transactions relating to the Society. He/she has to maintain accounts properly along with the vouchers. He/she has to prepare the budget and expenditure statement of the Society with the guidance of the Secretary. Treasurer has to prepare the accounts of the Society jointly with the Secretary or Chairperson.
  • OFFICE BEARERS: They are the responsible persons to carry out the activities of the Society which the executive committee entrusts.
  • QUORUM: Half of the total members for General Body meeting and ¼ for executive body meeting. Incase quorum is not there, after half an hour the general body can meet and the attendance of members present is considered adequate quorum.
  • FUNDS: The funds shall be spent only to the attainment of the objects of the Society and in the manner prescribed by all or any clause of Documents No.1 & 2. No portion there of shall be paid or transferred or diverted directly or indirectly to any of its members. The accounts shall be audited every year regularly by not less than a Chartered Accountant.
  • AMENDMENTS: No Amendments or alterations shall be made in purpose of the association unless it is voted by 2/3rd of its members present at a special meeting convened for the purpose and confirmed by 2/3rd of the members present at a second Special Meeting. No amendments or alterations be made without the prior approval of the Commissioner of Income Tax.
  • WINDING UP: In case, the Society has to be wound up, its assets and its funds shall be transferred to some other Society or institution with similar aims & objectives which and which is registered under section 12 A and 80 G of the Income tax Act.
B O A R D    M E M B E R S
Sridhar Reddy Kankanala
S/O K. Ram Reddy
Chairperson Business 8-3-231/W/23,
Venkatgiri, Yousufguda,
Hyderabad - 500045
Pratap Reddy Kallem
S/O K. Yadgir Reddy
Vice – Chairperson Business 11-15-79/3/303,
Sai Nilaya Doctors Colony,
Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad - 500035
Jagadish Chandra Mamidi
S/O M. Ramakantha Rao
Secretary Business Kranthi Dhamam, 8-3-228/267, Rahamath Nagar, Yousufguda,
Hyderabad - 500045
S. S. Mangal Murthy
S/O Dr. S. B. K. Murthy
Joint Secretary SW Engg 8-3-231/W/23,
Venkatgiri, Yousufguda,
Hyderabad - 500045
A. K. M. Anil Kumar
S/O A. Ranga Rao
Treasurer SW Engg 103, Sai Tirumala Residency
St. No: 2, Lane No: 9, Tarnaka,
Secunderabad - 500017
M. Ravi Chandra
S/O M. Narayana
Executive member Business Analyst 22-117, B.V.Nilayam,
Cross – 4, R.K.Nagar,
Hyderabad – 500047
G. Prabhath
S/O G. V. K. Subba Rao
Executive member IT Professional H.No: 2-1/52, Widia FCI Colony, Sundar Nagar, Miyapur, Hyderabad.

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